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Classes Offered: Course Descriptions 

Listed below are course descriptions for some of the classes for which BigMackTech Trainer, Amanda Mackereth, is prepared to teach.  Click on the "Schedule" button for the dates & registration details of courses offered to the public.  *More classes are listed on the schedules, with course descriptions available on the Community Ed Websites included.  These descriptions will be added to this site soon.


If you are interested in having Amanda teach any of the following courses at a location of your choice, please contact her directly at  If you have a specific topic or course you'd like to have taught to a group that is different than what is listed here, get in touch and Amanda would be happy to custom design curriculum to fit your needs.

Want to learn to use your iPhone or iPad more effectively?  Or, maybe you’re using an Android based Smart Phone or Tablet.  Depending on your device, choose the class session to match your device’s OS (iOS or Android).  Learn how to sync your apps, music, email, calendars, contacts, & more between both your phone & tablet easily (don't pay for the same app twice!)  Get the answers to these questions and more:  What is the Play Store/iTunes?  How do I download apps?  How can I set up my email, contacts, calendars, Facebook/Twitter accounts?  What are widgets and how do I use them?  How can I move/add/delete shortcuts to my apps?  How do I access the internet?  This is my first smart phone - why do I need to use it for more than just calling/texting people?  If you have a new device, bring it with you (make sure to charge it first!).  If you're wondering whether or not you should buy a tablet or smart phone, you'll be ready to make an informed decision when the class is over.  

Digital Slideshows for Special Occassions: Make Your Own!

Been to a wedding, graduation party, retirement/anniversary party, or even a funeral lately and watched a slideshow of picture memories projected or played on a TV or computer screen?  Ever wonder how you can make one of these for your friends & family's special occasions?  Now is your chance!  Learn how to use Microsoft PowerPoint (which is on most of your computers already!) to create slides with pictures, add music and sound effects - even short video clips, and how to export the final show to play from your computer (to view on computer monitor, projector, or TV) or export to a DVD.  Sign up for just the intro class to learn the basics and walk away with a "how-to" guide with step by step instructions to design, edit, and export your own slideshow.  OR, sign up to continue on with the multi-week workshop course - build your slideshow in class with the instructor nearby to help when you have questions or issues.  During the last class, we'll learn to export and share the final products with each other.  

eReading on Your Smart Phone or Tablet - No Separate Devices Needed

Are you an avid reader?  Do your kids like to read (or do you want them to read more)?  Make reading fun and convenient by accessing eBooks on the electronic devices you already own.  No need to buy a seperate Kindle or Nook.  No need to carry around multiple devices - carry your book with you on your phone so you always have access.  Learn the best eReader apps available for your Android Phone/Tablet or your iPhone/iPad (including Kindle or Nook Apps) and how to purchase via the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store.  You'll also learn how to find FREE eBooks and how to access the County Library's collection of eBooks using the OverDrive App (applies to all of the Twin Cities County Libraries, including Ramsey, Washington, Anoka & Hennepin). Learn the top apps to access and download Audio Books to play from your phone, iPod
Touch, or tablet.   Bring your device with you to the class, if you have one.  You can start purchasing or borrowing books right from class!  Be sure you bring along or remember any usernames/passwords associated with your app store account or other eBook accounts you already use.  Also, if you have a library card and PIN, bring that too!

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