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Computer &

IT Support


Big Mack Tech provides support for a wide range of servers and server types. We can provide support for servers within your office onsite or remotely.


We can help install a new server, upgrade existing servers, or help maintain existing servers. With our server health monitoring option, we can be notified of many potential problems and respond before they cause downtime.


We currently support multiple servers, including Microsoft, Apple, and Linux.  We can assist you with many types of servers, including: 


  • File Sharing

  • Printer Sharing

  • Web/FTP Servers

  • Email Servers

  • Antivirus Servers

  • Backup Servers

  • Network Monitoring Servers

  • Sharepoint & Collaboration Servers

  • Communications Servers

  • Remote Access Servers

  • Database Servers

  • And many more


Employee Remote Access

Allowing your employees remote access to their work computers and server files can help any organization work more efficiently. Our Remote Access Solutions offer a selection of options, so you can choose the best system for your business.


Virtual Private Networking

Does your company have more than one location? With virtual private networking between sites, employees can access files and printers across sites as if they were working together in one building.

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