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Social Media Tips & Tricks

Click on any of the resources below to download tips for using social media sites safely & effectively.

The latest “trend” in Facebook stalking has been for an imposter to view your profile, download your current profile picture & cover picture (those are always public photos so post wisely!) and take any other public information and create a new Facebook account with all of the same photos and info.  Then, they look at your friend list and try to add as many people as they can.  They did not actually hack your account, they are just impersonating you with your own public data to try to trick people into accepting their friend request.  Once those people have accepted the friend request, they are at risk because anything they posted is viewable by that imposter. 


If you see an imposter account, be sure to REPORT THEM, BLOCK THEM, AND DELETE THEIR REQUEST. 


To prevent people from doing this with your account, click on the above link to download the PDF instructions. Follow the easy steps to be sure only your current friends can see your friends list.  

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