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Computer &

IT Support


If your desktop or laptop is running slowly, crashing frequently or experiencing any other chronic issue, we can help you.

Our team can identify and replace bad hardware, perform upgrades, remove viruses, and make any change necessary so your machine runs as smoothly as possible.

We work with both Mac and Windows-based systems.

You don't even need to bring your computer in. Most problems can be diagnosed and fixed by us remotely, within minutes.

If you've lost data on your computer or it won't boot, we also offer data recovery services. We have successfully recovered data from many failed systems (however, we recommend preventing data loss by backing up your files regularly with the use of Carbonite Online Backup

Solutions).  Or SpiderOAK One for home backups.  Veeam for Business Backups.

If it is time for a new computer, we can help you purchase the right one and get it properly integrated into your network. While computers from many retail locations may have a low up-front cost, they suddenly become very expensive to own after the first problem or two. They're alright for home use, but not recommended for your business. If it is time to upgrade your computer, we will work with you to find a high quality system that meets your needs and budget.  Often times, we can get better deals on hardware and new computers through our direct dealers than customers can get at retail stores.  We do not mark up the prices on hardware, software, or computers purchased through us. 

Contact us and we can help get your computer running properly again.

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