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Not sure of the difference between a hub and a switch? A router vs a modem vs an access point? Don't worry!  Big Mack Tech can handle the hard work for you. Whether you need a small network of computers connected to the internet, or you're a large company connecting to multiple servers, our networking professionals can provide the efficient, effective service you need.

Ready to go Wireless?
These days, life is wireless and it seems we're all networked.  Big Mack Tech is here to help set up your home or office with wireless connectivity and can help to put all of your devices (printers, computers, phones, tablets, gaming systems, DVR's, etc...) all on one secure network so you can be "unplugged" and streamlined as much as possible, while keeping your devices safe from outsiders.  Gone are the days when each computer needs its own printer and each device needs to be plugged in to the modem to get to the internet.  

Wireless for Business?
Are you considering having your place of business go wireless?  Employees using laptops, tablets, Smart Phones, Smart Boards, and more are going to benefit from (if not require) wireless internet and bluetooth connectivity.  Let Big Mack Tech assess and configure your wireless needs today.  We can even train your employees on connectivity and wireless use specific to your network.

Contact Us today to get an in home/office estimate of what it would take to go wireless and network your technology.

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