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Training Services

Many people tell us how frustrated they get when technology changes and they aren't sure how to do what they need to do.  BigMackTech now includes Training Services.  If you are looking for one-on-one assistance with setting up email, configuring your new Smart Phone or Tablet, making your Facebook profile more secure, or anything else, we're here to help!

We have a trainer in our team ready to teach classes on any variety of technology topics.  Amanda Mackereth, a former English teacher, will design and write curriculum to meet your team's specific technology education needs.  She is available to businesses, schools, Community Education programs, churches, and groups of individuals seeking more training in areas of technology.

Teachers & Educators

As an English teacher, Amanda loves to help train teachers and education professionals to better integrate technology into

their classrooms.

Learn to create effective and interesting SMART Board lessons, set up your Infinite Campus grade book effectively to decrease your time spent entering grades, create a course website, learn to better troubleshoot your video projection equipment without having to call your building tech support, evaluate classroom management techniques for student technology use (including using cell phones as a productive tool!), learn how to teach students to use Social Media ethically and safely.  The possibilities are endless!

Teachers can hire Amanda directly for one-on-one support, or schools or districts can bring Amanda in for teacher workshop days or to present at staff meetings.


Smart Phones & Tablets

Do you have a new iPhone/iPad or Android SmartPhone/Tablet and have no idea how to do anything except turn it on?  Or, maybe you know the basics but now you want to take your skills to the next level?

BigMackTech can help you to integrate SmartPhone & Tablet use into your business, home, or organization effectively.  Learn how to sync calendars, contacts, emails for increased productivity.  Find out how to search for apps to enhance your every day tasks.

Training is currently available on iOS or Android devices.

Business Professionals

Are you looking for some one-on-one or small group training for you and/or your employees?  BigMackTech can come in and help you learn how to better integrate technology into your day to day work environment.  


Learn to more effectively use Microsoft Office Products (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc...), Windows or Mac Basics, Skype or Video Conferencing, and more!  Have our trainer teach you how to connect up your technology components (SMART Board, Projector, Computer, Speakers, etc...) in order to give a stellar presentation. Want to create and manage your own basic website?  Have Amanda teach you how to use and help you transfer your domain registration and hosting from your previous website provider.  Integrate your smart phones and tablets into every day business - we can help you learn how!  


The training possibilities are endless.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

Church Tech Teams

One of the other hats Amanda has worn over the years has been leading or participating on church worship teams, both as a singer and as an AV Tech.  This area of ministry is a passion of Amanda's and she loves to help churches learn how to integrate technology into not only worship services, but overall communication - websites, church databases, administrative staff, volunteers, ministry groups, and more.  

Amanda can come in and consult with your team about how new technology can help to enhance worship and your ministry areas without taking away from the main focus: God.  

If the technology is already in place, but you're looking for someone to train staff and volunteers how to use it more effectively, BigMackTech is here to help.

We offer discounted rates to churches and non-profit organizations.  

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